Fearless: The Battle Begins


Sixteen-year-old McKenna Donaldson  is the Fire Keeper; she holds the Firestone, the power source for all  Fire Wielders in the world. McKenna attends Lalande Academy, a boarding  school for people with Elemental powers. Her life is finally starting to  become normal once more following the disappearance of her mother and  eleven sisters two years ago.

Then her world is once more turned  upside down when the Water and Air Keepers—two girls who have been  missing—turn up at the boarding school. Emma Richards, the Water Keeper,  tells McKenna and her friends that they could find and rescue the  important Elementals who vanished two years before—including McKenna’s  family. The group of teens begin preparing for the mission of a  lifetime. But Acerbity, an organization that wants Elementals dead, is  intent on disrupting their plans, and McKenna soon realizes she can no  longer live in fear of her powers. In order to get back what was lost,  she’ll have to overcome what is holding her back—even if it means a  personal sacrifice she could never have imagined.

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